Jun-cai Tao

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Knowledge Management (KM) system is one kind of technology that synthetically explores various methods to realize the capture, storage and reuse of knowledge. One of objectives of KM is to promote the share and reuse of all kind of knowledge. Based on Ontology, this paper proposes a framework of KM to facilitate knowledge reuse. According to the definition(More)
The mobile communication network planning and optimization of high-precision in high-density urban areas dependent on the wave propagation model, and precise threedimensional model of high density building group is the foundation to achieve an accurate forecast. With the help of telecommunications project financing of Wuhan Telecom, from the point of(More)
It describes a new kind of Time shift TV architecture which is based on metadata and has very good manipulation for users. On current HuDong digital TV environment, it can transfer broadcast model into on-demand model by seamless switch technique. The architecture will satisfy effectively the individuation requirement on on-demand TV and help Radio Film and(More)
Knowledge Management (KM) is being given more emphasis in enterprise to win the challenge, but today the KM in use has two limits: static use and closed maintenance. This paper put forward a Ontology-based and Dynamic Participate KM Framework-OKMDP. We set up the framework with the molding of information content. From three points (creating sharing(More)
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