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Attachment and tension in the spindle assembly checkpoint
Faithful transmission of chromosomes during mitosis is ensured by the spindle assembly checkpoint. This molecular safeguard examines whether prerequisites for chromosome segregation have beenExpand
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Safety evaluation of protein of silkworm (Antheraea pernyi) pupae.
The protein of silkworm pupae (PSP) has been thought to be a new available source of high quality protein that contains all the amino acids needed by the human body. The safety of PSP was evaluatedExpand
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Occurrence, profiles, and ecological risks of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in river sediments of Shanghai, China.
Fifty-two PBDE congeners in river sediments from Shanghai were analyzed in the present study. The concentrations of Σ51PBDEs (defined as the sum of 51 BDE congeners except BDE209) and BDE209 rangedExpand
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Occurrence, sources and health risk assessment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in urban (Pudong) and suburban soils from Shanghai in China.
A comprehensive investigation was conducted to the urban (Pudong) and suburban soils in Shanghai. A total of 154 soil samples were analyzed for 26 PAHs including highly carcinogenic dibenzopyrenesExpand
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Virus elimination from in vitro apple by thermotherapy combined with chemotherapy
AbstractWe evaluated the effectiveness of thermotherapy at different temperatures, chemotherapy with different concentrations of ribavirin, and combinations of these two methods on virus eliminationExpand
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A new triterpene and anti-hepatitis B virus active compounds from Alisma orientalis.
A new triterpenoid named alisol O ( 1) was isolated from the rhizomes of Alisma orientalis, together with six known compounds: alisol A 24-acetate ( 2), 25-anhydroalisol A ( 3), 13 beta,17Expand
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Molybdate and tungstate as corrosion inhibitors for cold rolling steel in hydrochloric acid solution
Abstract The inhibition effects of molybdate and tungstate on the corrosion of cold rolling steel (CRS) in hydrochloric acid solution (0.1–0.5 M) were investigated by weight loss and electrochemistryExpand
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Re-parameterization of multinomial distributions and diversity indices
It is shown in this paper that the parameters of a multinomial distribution may be re-parameterized as a set of generalized Simpson's diversity indices. There are two important elements in theExpand
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Selenium and diabetes--evidence from animal studies.
Whereas selenium was found to act as an insulin mimic and to be antidiabetic in earlier studies, recent animal experiments and human trials have shown an unexpected risk of prolonged high Se intakeExpand
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Metabolomic approach to evaluating adriamycin pharmacodynamics and resistance in breast cancer cells
Continuous exposure of breast cancer cells to adriamycin induces high expression of P-gp and multiple drug resistance. However, the biochemical process and the underlying mechanisms for the graduallyExpand
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