Jun Zhi Er

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G-protein coupled receptor 43 (GPR43) recognizes short chain fatty acids and is implicated in obesity, colitis, asthma and arthritis. Here, we present the first full characterization of the GPR43 promoter and 5'-UTR. 5'-RACE of the GPR43 transcript identified the transcription start site (TSS) and a 124 bp 5'-UTR followed by a 1335 bp intron upstream of the(More)
Knockout mice studies implicate the mammalian short-chain fatty acid (SCFA) receptors, FFAR2 and FFAR3- in colitis, arthritis and asthma. However, the correlation with human biology is uncertain. Here, we detected FFAR2 and FFAR3 expression in human monocytes via immunohistochemistry. Upon treatment with acetate SCFA or FFAR2- and FFAR3-specific synthetic(More)
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