Jun-Zhao Sun

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Mobile communication is continuously one of the hottest areas that are developing at a booming speed, with advanced techniques emerging in all the fields of mobile and wireless communications. Current times are just the beginning for deploying 3G mobile communication systems, while research on the next generation of mobile communications, 4G wireless and(More)
We present a context-aware middleware for mobile multimedia applications. The middleware offers functionality for service discovery, asynchronous messaging, publish/subscribe event management, storing and management of context information, building the user interface, and handling the local and network resources. It supports a wide range of context(More)
Network QoS parameters experience great fluctuations during the execution of network applications. Especially in mobile and pervasive computing environments the variation becomes more serious. Applications need to adapt their functions to the changing network status. Moreover, an enhanced software platform is necessary to provide adaptive network management(More)
An infrastructure based on multiple heterogeneous access networks is one of the leading enablers for the emerging pervasive and ubiquitous computing paradigm, in which the optimal management of diverse networking resources is a challenging problem. This paper presents a context-aware policy mechanism and related end-to-end evaluation algorithm for adaptive(More)
Pervasive Social Computing is a novel collective paradigm, derived from pervasive computing, social media, social networking, social signal processing, etc. This paper reviews Pervasive Social Computing as an integrated computing environment, which promises to augment five facets of human intelligence in physical environment awareness, behavior awareness,(More)
The trends of network convergence and mobile accessibility in the Internet are bringing new challenges to the connectivity management of end hosts. Concerning network convergence, the configuration of heterogeneous access networks should be taken into consideration. As for mobile accessibility, seamless handoff between diverse access points is a challenging(More)