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Hybrid automata provide a language for modeling and analyzing digital and analogue computations in real-time systems. Hybrid automata are studied here from a dynamical systems perspective. Necessary and sufficient conditions for existence and uniqueness of solutions are derived and a class of hybrid automata whose solutions depend continuously on the(More)
In reasoning about strategic interpersonal situations, such as in playing games, an individual's representation of the situation often includes not only information about the goals and rules of the game, but also a mental model of other minds. Often such mental models involve a hierarchy of reflexive reasoning commonly employed in social situations ("What(More)
Web services are loosely coupled software components, published, located, and invoked across the web. The growing number of web services available within an organization and on the Web raises a new and challenging search problem: locating desired web services. Traditional keyword search is insufficient in this context: the specific types of queries users(More)
Patient can obtain sorts of health-care delivery services via Telecare Medical Information Systems (TMIS). Authentication, security, patient’s privacy protection and data confidentiality are important for patient or doctor accessing to Electronic Medical Records (EMR). In 2012, Chen et al. showed that Khan et al.’s dynamic ID-based authentication scheme has(More)
Traditionally, simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers have been developed from libraries of genomic DNA. However, the large, repetitive nature of conifer genomes makes development of robust, single-copy SSR markers from genomic DNA difficult. Expressed sequence tags (ESTs), or sequences of messenger RNA, offer the opportunity to exploit single, low-copy,(More)
X-ray repair cross-complementing group 1 (XRCC1) is one of the major DNA repair proteins involved in the base excision repair (BER) and single-strand break repair (SSBR) pathway. Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in XRCC1 may alter protein function and repair capacity, thus lead to genetic instability and carcinogenesis. To establish our understanding(More)
ε-differential privacy is the state-of-the-art model for releasing sensitive information while protecting privacy. Numerous methods have been proposed to enforce ε-differential privacy in various analytical tasks, e.g., regression analysis. Existing solutions for regression analysis, however, are either limited to non-standard types of regression or unable(More)
Text detection in natural scene images is an important prerequisite for many content-based image analysis tasks, while most current research efforts only focus on horizontal or near horizontal scene text. In this paper, first we present a unified distance metric learning framework for adaptive hierarchical clustering, which can simultaneously learn(More)