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The purpose of this study is to characterize the effects of KHG26792 (3-(naphthalen-2-yl(propoxy) methyl)azetidine hydrochloride), a potential skin whitening agent, on melanin synthesis and identify the underlying mechanism of action. Our data showed that KHG26792 significantly reduced melanin synthesis in a dose-dependent manner. Additionally, KHG26792(More)
Formic acid is the main breakdown product of mild hydrothermal treatment of carbohydrates. Further conversion to methanol was achieved using Cu as catalyst and Zn as reductant under hydrothermal conditions of 250-325 °C for 3-12 h. Both Cu and Zn used were commercial Cu and Zn powders with particle sizes of 200 mesh. A methanol yield of 32% was achieved at(More)
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