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The increased need of content based image retrieval technique can be found in a number of different domains such as Data Mining, Education, Medical Imaging, Crime Prevention, Weather forecasting, Remote Sensing and Management of Earth Resources. This paper presents the content based image retrieval, using features like texture and color, called WBCHIR(More)
Data aggregation is an effectual approach for wireless sensor networks (WSNs) to save energy and prolong network lifetime. A novel unequal cluster-based data aggregation protocol is proposed in this paper. It divides the network into some grids with unequal sizes, and implements cluster head rotation in each grid respectively. It is able to balance energy(More)
Complex networks are ubiquitous in biological, physical and social sciences. Network robustness research aims at finding a measure to quantify network robustness. A number of Wiener type indices have recently been incorporated as distance-based descriptors of complex networks. Wiener type indices are known to depend both on the network's number of nodes and(More)
Multiview learning problem refers to the problem of learning a classifier from multiple view data. In this data set, each data point is presented by multiple different views. In this paper, we propose a novel method for this problem. This method is based on two assumptions. The first assumption is that each data point has an intact feature vector, and each(More)
Clustering analysis has been a hot area of spatial data mining for several years. With the rapid development of the spatial information technology, the amount of spatial data is growing exponentially and it makes spatial clustering of massive spatial data a challenging task. Aiming to improve the efficiency of the clustering process on massive spatial data,(More)