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The increased need of content based image retrieval technique can be found in a number of different domains such as Data Mining, Education, Medical Imaging, Crime Prevention, Weather forecasting, Remote Sensing and Management of Earth Resources. This paper presents the content based image retrieval, using features like texture and color, called WBCHIR(More)
Mutations in the 81-bp rifampin resistance determining region (RRDR) and mutation V176F locating at the beginning of the ropB gene were analyzed by DNA sequencing of 86 Mycobacterium tuberculosis clinical isolates (72 resistant and 14 sensitive) from different parts of China. Sixty-five mutations of 22 distinct kinds, 21 point mutations, and 1 insertion(More)
Data aggregation is an effectual approach for wireless sensor networks (WSNs) to save energy and prolong network lifetime. A novel unequal cluster-based data aggregation protocol is proposed in this paper. It divides the network into some grids with unequal sizes, and implements cluster head rotation in each grid respectively. It is able to balance energy(More)
Genetic factors play important roles in the development of tuberculosis (TB). SP110 is a promising candidate target for controlling TB infections. However, several studies associating SP110 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) with TB have yielded conflicting results. This may be partly resolved by studying other genes associated with SP110, such as(More)
Complex networks are ubiquitous in biological, physical and social sciences. Network robustness research aims at finding a measure to quantify network robustness. A number of Wiener type indices have recently been incorporated as distance-based descriptors of complex networks. Wiener type indices are known to depend both on the network's number of nodes and(More)
Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection is associated with a spectrum of clinical outcomes, from long-term latent infection to different manifestations of progressive disease. Pro-inflammatory pathways, such as those controlled by IL-1β, have the contrasting potential both to prevent disease by restricting bacterial replication, and to promote disease by(More)
Early diagnosis and treatment of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection can prevent most deaths resulting from this pathogen; however, multidrug-resistant strains present serious threats to global tuberculosis control and prevention efforts. In this study, we identified antigens that could be used for the serodiagnosis of drug-resistant M. tuberculosis(More)