Jun-Yuan Kuo

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Taiwan is affected by three primary types of natural disaster: typhoons, earthquakes, and floods. Natural disasters in Taiwan can cause human causalities and loss of housing. Therefore, a method for evaluating the severity of losses caused by natural disasters would be beneficial for disaster management institutes in Taiwan when developing further supply(More)
Information of hotel cleaners’ musculoskeletal pain can be acquired by subjective survey on patients. The ultrasonic waves and X-ray examination can reveal the parts of muscular trauma, bones and joints, and fracture. Medical instruments can recognize the situation musculoskeletal pain and related treatment and recovery will be offered. However, after pain(More)
A goal database and an auxiliary database utilizing functional mapping make the database combine as a great database, then imputes the missing data or the rare data missing in the database. This whole procedure is named "Data SPA (Data Systematic Purifying Analysis)". Therefore, the purpose of this research is to evaluate the structure of the data when the(More)
Problem statement: The “Energy Policy for Europe, EPE” and three environmental directives, proposed by the European Union (EU) in 2007, are stricter than those self-restrained by the enterprises. For this reason, the enterprises have to shortly improve their products for meeting with the strict requests setup by the EU. Consequently, it becomes even more(More)
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