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This paper presents a method for occluded object based motion estimation and tracking system in dynamic image sequences using particle filter with 3D reconstruction. A unique characteristic of this study is its ability to cope with partial occlusion based continuous motion estimation using particle filter inspired from the mirror neuron system in human(More)
Steady-State Visually Evoked Potentials (SSVEP) are natural response signal associated with the visual stimuli with specific frequency. By using SSVEP, occipital lobe region is electrically activated as frequency form equivalent to stimuli frequency with bandwidth from 3.5Hz to 75Hz. In this paper, we propose an experimental paradigm for analyzing EEGs(More)
– With the continuous aging of the populations in developed countries, the medical requirements of the aged are expected to increase. In this paper, a ring-type pulse oximeter finger sensor and a 24-hour ambulatory heart rate monitoring system for the aged are presented. We also demonstrate the feasibility of extracting accurate heart rate variability(More)
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