Jun Yeol Choi

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Desferrioxamine (DFX), which is an iron chelator, mimics hypoxia by enhancing HIF1-alpha accumulation and upregulating inflammatory mediators. DFX is usually beneficial, with preventive effects related primarily to its ability to scavenge reactive oxygen species. However, toxic effects on skeletal and ocular organs have been reported. The cytokinesis block(More)
Multi-criteria decision making problem is commonly encountered nowadays for making decisions under the presence of multiple alternatives with regards to relevant criteria. The existing approaches are limited because of unquantifiable and incomplete information in typical environment. Furthermore, the fuzziness and vagueness of human judgment and preference(More)
The phototoxicity of low-energy ultraviolet radiation, such as UVA, can be enhanced by the presence of photosensitizing agents. Hence, co-exposure of cells to benzo[a]pyrene (BaP), a widespread environmental carcinogen and photosensitizing agent, and UVA may synergistically induce DNA damage. In this study, exposure of cells to various concentrations of BaP(More)
Benzene is a leukemogen, and exposure to benzene is an occupational hazard in the petroleum refining industries. The effects of genetic polymorphisms in the NQO1 (rs1800566), MPO (rs2333227), and XRCC1 (rs25487) genes on benzene-induced chromosome abnormalities were assessed in 108 benzene-exposed workers and 33 office workers. The mean benzene exposure for(More)
Cellular responses to DNA damage after hypoxia and reoxygenation (H/R) were examined in human lymphocytes. Cultured lymphocytes exposed to H/R showed a lower cytokinesis block proliferation index and a higher frequency of micronuclei in comparison to control cells. Western blots showed that H/R exposure induced p53 expression; however, p21 and Bax(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the therapeutic efficacies of aspiration plus intralesional steroid injection and aspiration plus pressure dressing for the management of otohematoma. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING Fifteen patients with otohematoma were treated by aspiration plus pressure dressing (the pressure dressing group) and 34 patients were treated with(More)
Service discovery is one of the integral tasks of the system running in distributed computing environment. Even though numerous researches on service discovery have been conducted, the security and privacy issue have not yet been addressed adequately. Here letting only legitimate user and service provider for service discovery is a challenging problem. In(More)
Reactive oxygen species (ROS) generated after exposure to hypoxia and reoxygenation (H/R) play a pivotal role in the stimulation of cell death. In this study, we explored H/R-induced cytotoxicity in human lymphocytes. Compared to cells under normoxic conditions, H/R-treated cells exhibited significantly decreased viability and increased DNA breakage.(More)
Nowadays, handover is a critical issue for real-time applications in wireless networks. In this paper we propose more efficient handover solution with reducing the number of handover packet for the mobile station (MS) in handover process to scan. It is based on a concept of BSs channel information with a group-based scan technique. The base stations (BSs)(More)
Context awareness service is one of the key features in ubiquitous computing system. In heterogeneous pervasive computing system, effective context modeling and reasoning are important to enable the collaboration and distributed reasoning among the agents. The effectiveness of the previous approaches for distributed reasoning significantly degrades when a(More)