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Doc2 Is a Ca2+ Sensor Required for Asynchronous Neurotransmitter Release
It is proposed that Doc2 is a Ca(2+) sensor that is kinetically tuned to regulate asynchronous neurotransmitter release that was enhanced during repetitive stimulation in Doc2 knockdown neurons, potentially due to greater vesicle availability. Expand
Synaptotagmin-Mediated Bending of the Target Membrane Is a Critical Step in Ca2+-Regulated Fusion
A tubulation-defective syt mutant was able to promote fusion between highly curved SNARE-bearing liposomes but exhibited a marked loss of activity when the membranes were relatively flat, so syt-mediated membrane bending is a critical step in membrane fusion. Expand
SV2 Mediates Entry of Tetanus Neurotoxin into Central Neurons
It is demonstrated that SV2A and SV2B mediate binding and entry of tetanus neurotoxin into central neurons, and that the distinct effects of Tetanus toxin on cortical and spinal cord neurons are not due to differential expression of SV2 isoforms. Expand
Uncoupling the roles of synaptotagmin I as a dual Ca2+ sensor during endo- and exocytosis of synaptic vesicles
Results indicate that syt1 is directly involved in endocytosis, and functions as a dual Ca2+ sensor for both endo- and exocytotic, potentially coupling these two components of the vesicle cycle. Expand
All three components of the neuronal SNARE complex contribute to secretory vesicle docking
Docking of large dense-core vesicles is reduced by cleavage of any of the neuronal SNARE complex proteins: synaptobrevin, syntaxin, or SNAP-25.