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To validate and extend the findings of the MicroArray Quality Control (MAQC) project, a biologically relevant toxicogenomics data set was generated using 36 RNA samples from rats treated with three chemicals (aristolochic acid, riddelliine and comfrey) and each sample was hybridized to four microarray platforms. The MAQC project assessed concordance in(More)
Brain functions are based on the dynamic interaction of excitatory and inhibitory inputs. Spillover of glutamate from excitatory synapses may diffuse to and modulate nearby inhibitory synapses. By recording unitary inhibitory postsynaptic currents (uIPSCs) from cell pairs in CA1 of the hippocampus, we demonstrated that low concentrations of Kainate receptor(More)
While there has been increasing interest in the task of describing video with natural language, current computer vision algorithms are still severely limited in terms of the variability and complexity of the videos and their associated language that they can recognize. This is in part due to the simplicity of current benchmarks, which mostly focus on(More)
Efficient representation of images usually leads to improvements in storage efficiency, computational complexity and performance of image processing algorithms. Efficient representation of images can be achieved by transforms. However, conventional transforms such as Fourier transform and wavelet transform suffer from discontinuities such as edges in(More)
The efficiency of neural circuits is enhanced not only by increasing synaptic strength but also by increasing intrinsic excitability. In contrast to the detailed analysis of long-term potentiation (LTP), less attention has been given to activity-dependent changes in the intrinsic neuronal excitability. By stimulating hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons with(More)
Next basket recommendation is a crucial task in market basket analysis. Given a user's purchase history, usually a sequence of transaction data, one attempts to build a recommender that can predict the next few items that the user most probably would like. Ideally, a good recommender should be able to explore the sequential behavior (i.e., buying one item(More)
A paroxysmal depolarization shift (PDS) has been suggested to be a hallmark for epileptic activity in partial-onset seizures. By monitoring membrane potentials and currents in pairs of pyramidal neurons and astrocytes with dual patch-clamp recording and exocytosis of vesicles from astrocytes with two-photon laser scanning microscopy in hippocampal slices,(More)
Matching natural language sentences is central for many applications such as information retrieval and question answering. Existing deep models rely on a single sentence representation or multiple granularity representations for matching. However, such methods cannot well capture the contextualized local information in the matching process. To tackle this(More)
The phosphorus efficiency, relative biologic characteristics and relative root exudations as well as the quantitative trait loci associated with these traits were determined for an F2:3 population derived from the cross of two contrasting maize (Zea mays L.) genotypes, 082 and Ye107. A total of 241 F2:3 families were evaluated in replicated trials under(More)