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OBJECTIVES Acupuncture has been known to be effective in cerebral ischemia, and promoting angiogenesis is considered as a potential therapy of ischemic stroke. Recent data have also shown that angiogenesis indeed brings benefit to cerebral circulation and behavior improvement. We examined the effect of electroacupuncture on vascular endothelial cell(More)
Histone modifications play a vital role in the con-formation and function of their associated chromatin templates [1]. Histone H3K27 methylation mediated by the PRC2 complex is critical for transcriptional regulation , Polycomb silencing, Drosophila segmentation, mammalian X inactivation and cancer [1]. Interestingly, H3K27me1 (H3 mono-methylated at residue(More)
Two copies of each core histone exist in every nucleosome; however, it is not known whether both histones within a nucleosome are required to be symmetrically methylated at the same lysine residues. We report that for most lysine methylation states, wild-type histones paired with mutant, unmethylatable histones in mononucleosomes have comparable methylation(More)
Topological insulators are insulating materials that display massless, Dirac-like surface states in which the electrons have only one spin degree of freedom on each surface. These states have been imaged by photoemission, but little information on their transport parameters, for example, mobility, is available. We report the observation of Shubnikov-de Haas(More)
(experimental details are presented elsewhere 9,10). Figure 1a shows the energy–momentum (dispersion) curves of the LSCO system with various dopings (0<xአ0.3), measured along the (0,0)–(Ț,Ț) direction in the Brillouin zone in reciprocal space. This diagonal direction is special in these superconductors because the anisotropic superconducting gap 11 , as(More)
Magnetoresistance is the change in a material's electrical resistance in response to an applied magnetic field. Materials with large magnetoresistance have found use as magnetic sensors, in magnetic memory, and in hard drives at room temperature, and their rarity has motivated many fundamental studies in materials physics at low temperatures. Here we report(More)
GLP and G9a are major H3K9 dimethylases and are essential for mouse early embryonic development. GLP and G9a both harbor ankyrin repeat domains that are capable of binding H3K9 methylation. However, the functional significance of their recognition of H3K9 methylation is unknown. Here, we report that the histone methyltransferase activities of GLP and G9a(More)