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Although 109 WRKY genes have been identified in the rice genome, the functions of most are unknown. Here, we show that OsWRKY13 plays a pivotal role in rice disease resistance. Overexpression of OsWRKY13 can enhance rice resistance to bacterial blight and fungal blast, two of the most devastating diseases of rice worldwide, at both the seedling and adult(More)
MYB transcription factors play central roles in plant responses to abiotic stresses. How stress affects development is poorly understood. Here, we show that OsMYB3R-2 functions in both stress and developmental processes in rice (Oryza sativa). Transgenic plants overexpressing OsMYB3R-2 exhibited enhanced cold tolerance. Cold treatment greatly induced the(More)
The macaque striate cortex (V1) contains neurons that respond preferentially to various hues. The properties of these hue-selective neurons have been studied extensively at the single-unit level, but it is unclear how stimulus hue is represented by the distribution of activity across neuronal populations in V1. Here we use the intrinsic optical signal to(More)
Rice is sensitive to cold and can be grown only in certain climate zones. Human selection of japonica rice has extended its growth zone to regions with lower temperature, while the molecular basis of this adaptation remains unknown. Here, we identify the quantitative trait locus COLD1 that confers chilling tolerance in japonica rice. Overexpression of(More)
An operational framework is developed for testing stationarity relatively to an observation scale, in both stochastic and deterministic contexts. The proposed method is based on a comparison between global and local time-frequency features. The originality is to make use of a family of stationary surrogates for defining the null hypothesis of stationarity(More)
Ion channels respond to changes in transmembrane voltage or ligand concentration by opening or closing an activation gate. In voltage-gated K+ channels, this gate has been localized to an intracellular bundle crossing. Here we examined whether this bundle crossing, or the more internal cytoplasmic pore, acts as a gate for PIP2 activation of inward rectifier(More)
OBJECTIVES Treatment of staghorn calculus is challenging. We evaluated the feasibility and efficacy of the retroperitoneal laparoscopic approach for the management of large staghorn renal calculi. METHODS Patients with staghorn renal calculi unsuitable for percutaneous nephrolithotomy were analyzed. They underwent retroperitoneal laparoscopic anatrophic(More)
To reveal and leverage the correlated and complemental information between different views, a great amount of multi-view learning algorithms have been proposed in recent years. However, unsupervised feature selection in multi-view learning is still a challenge due to lack of data labels that could be utilized to select the discriminative features. Moreover,(More)
The kinesins are a family of microtubule-based motor proteins that move directionally along microtubules and are involved in many crucial cellular processes, including cell elongation in plants. Less is known about kinesins directly regulating gene transcription to affect cellular physiological processes. Here, we describe a rice (Oryza sativa) mutant,(More)
Interareal feedback connections are a fundamental aspect of cortical architecture, yet many aspects of their organization and functional relevance remain poorly understood. Previous studies have investigated the topography of feedback projections from extrastriate cortex to macaque area 17. We have extended this analysis to the ferret. We made restricted(More)