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An operational framework is developed for testing stationarity relatively to an observation scale, in both stochastic and deterministic contexts. The proposed method is based on a comparison between global and local time-frequency features. The originality is to make use of a family of stationary surrogates for defining the null hypothesis of stationarity(More)
The macaque striate cortex (V1) contains neurons that respond preferentially to various hues. The properties of these hue-selective neurons have been studied extensively at the single-unit level, but it is unclear how stimulus hue is represented by the distribution of activity across neuronal populations in V1. Here we use the intrinsic optical signal to(More)
[1] Disturbances are important for renewal of North American forests. Here we summarize more than 180 site years of eddy covariance measurements of carbon dioxide flux made at forest chronosequences in North America. Net ecosystem production (NEP) showed a carbon loss from all ecosystems following a stand‐replacing disturbance, becoming a carbon sink by 20(More)
Ion channels respond to changes in transmembrane voltage or ligand concentration by opening or closing an activation gate. In voltage-gated K+ channels, this gate has been localized to an intracellular bundle crossing. Here we examined whether this bundle crossing, or the more internal cytoplasmic pore, acts as a gate for PIP2 activation of inward rectifier(More)
To reveal and leverage the correlated and complemental information between different views, a great amount of multi-view learning algorithms have been proposed in recent years. However, unsupervised feature selection in multi-view learning is still a challenge due to lack of data labels that could be utilized to select the discriminative features. Moreover,(More)
Interareal feedback connections are a fundamental aspect of cortical architecture, yet many aspects of their organization and functional relevance remain poorly understood. Previous studies have investigated the topography of feedback projections from extrastriate cortex to macaque area 17. We have extended this analysis to the ferret. We made restricted(More)
In the literature, 630 species of Digenea (Trematoda) have been reported from Chinese marine fishes. These belong to 209 genera and 35 families. The names of these species, along with their hosts, geographical distribution and records, are listed in this paper.
A method is proposed for obtaining time-frequency distributions of chirp signals embedded in nonstationary noise, with the two-fold objective of a sharp localization for the chirp components and a reduced level of statistical fluctuations for the noise. The technique consists in combining time-frequency reassignment with multitapering, and two variations(More)
Estimating 3D pose similarity is a fundamental problem on 3D motion data. Most previous work calculates L2-like distance of joint orientations or coordinates, which does not sufficiently reflect the pose similarity of human perception. In this paper, we present a new pose distance metric. First, we propose a new rich pose feature set called Geometric Pose(More)
We studied the effect of monovalent thallium ion (Tl(+)) on the gating of single Kir2.1 channels, which open and close spontaneously at a constant membrane potential. In cell-attached recordings of single-channel inward current, changing the external permeant ion from K(+) to Tl(+) decreases the mean open-time by approximately 20-fold. Furthermore, the(More)