Jun-Xian Huang

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This study is motivated by a plan to install a software-defined wireless local area network (SDWLAN) on campus, which possesses a desired property that both data flow and device behaviors can be software-definable. Because the installation involves hundreds of access points, we must conduct simulations beforehand to verify the design and scalability of the(More)
Efficient data movement is essential for extreme-scale parallel visualization and analysis algorithms. In this research, we benchmark and optimize the performance of collective and point-to-point communication patterns for data-parallel visualization of scalar and vector data. Two such communication patterns are global reduction and local nearest-neighbor(More)
  • Xiao P, Venayagamoorthy Gk, J Huang
  • 2011
Project Description: Computational intelligence (CI) techniques are proposed to develop robust and adaptive control system for the all-electric ship (AES) power system. Artificial immune systems, neural networks, adaptive critic designs and evolutionary swarm intelligence techniques are developed for control and reconfiguration of the AES power system(More)
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