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This paper presents a scientific strategy for cycling induced by the functional electrical stimulation. In order to simulate the FES-cycling movement produced by human body, a neuro-musculo-skeletal model containing 16 segments and 186 muscles is developed, which can simulate human movements precisely. This model contains mathematical model of electrically(More)
The effect of neovibsanin scaffold (NS) on the spatial cognitive functions of rats with lobal cerebrovascular hypoperfusion was investigated. Rats were divided into long-term memory (LTM) and short-term memory (STM) groups with 15 rats in each group. The groups were subdivided into 3 groups: control group comprised of 5 rats without surgery, untreated group(More)
PURPOSE To establish the digital model about sagittal split ramus osteotomy and discuss the stress and displacement of 3 different fixation methods. METHODS Three-dimensional reconstruction software Mimics and Geomagic were used to establish the three-dimensional entity model of mandible, and simulated sagittal split ramus osteotomy and fixation.(More)
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