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The objective of this study to design a delivery system resistant to the gastrointestinal environment for oral vaccine against porcine rotavirus. Lactococcus lactis NZ9000 was transformed with segments of vP4 of the porcine rotavirus inserted into the pNZ8112 surface-expression vector, and a recombinant L. lactis expressing VP4 protein was constructed. An(More)
Ideally, moving object databases should handle the past, current and future positions of moving objects efficiently. However, existing indexes such as SEB-Tree, SETI-Tree, 2+3R-Tree, 2-3RT-Tree and etc. can only provide the capability for past and current query, and the others such as TPR-Tree, and TPR*-Tree can only provide the capability for current and(More)
Unified Modeling Language (UML) provided effective means for aspect-oriented modeling, among which UML state machine was designed to model for the dynamic behavior of the system. UML state machine, however, failed to explicitly support the modeling of a crosscutting feature. The paper, based on UML extension methods, firstly set up state class in supported(More)
The architectural description and design decide the quality and life of the software. Cross-cutting concerns as aspects crosscut multiple architectural components. Due to these cross-cutting concerns the metrics for cohesion and coupling are affected, the scenario result in lower values for modifiability and reuse quality attributes. Accordingly, the(More)
Model weaving is a new research topic in MDA (Model Driven Architecture), and it is also the one of the research hotspots in aspect-oriented software architecture. At present, there are two key issues, evolution and complexity, need to be resolved in software engineering, and some researchers have proposed a model weaving framework which based on MDA.(More)
Focusing on the disadvantages of classical AdaBoost algorithm, this paper mainly analyzes the issues of excessive training, overfitting for classifiers and time-consuming in the training process, and a new method is advanced to avoid the problems. The new method is to update the training samples in time, regulate the update rules of sample weights and(More)
The mobile communication network is enabling a broad range of new applications that dynamically obtain information that is relevant to their current location. Among the terminals deployed, there will be hundreds of millions of Internet-enabled ones making Mobile Internet a reality for the big masses. The terminals and/or the mobile networks are now able to(More)
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