Jun Uchida

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Effects of Ca2+ on [3H]5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) uptake into rat cortical synaptosomes were studied. The uptake was enhanced in the presence of Ca2+ in Krebs-Ringer medium and the uptake at 0.3-5 mM Ca2+ was 2.4-2.7 times greater than that observed in the absence of Ca2+. The maximal increase at the concentration of 1 mM Ca2+ was achieved after 2 min(More)
Ca(2+)-dependent regulation of [3H]noradrenaline ([3H]NA) uptake through the NA transporter was studied using PC12 cells. Preincubation for 10 min in the presence of 0.3-10 mM ca2+ in Krebs-Ringer (KR) buffer induced marked enhancement of the uptake (at 1 mM Ca2+, 6.6 times greater than that observed in the absence of Ca2+), which reflected both an increase(More)
— Performing general human behavior by experts' navigation is expected to be realized as wearable and ubiquitous technologies and computing develop. For simple, ordinary behavior, a person does not need the assistance of an expert. However, if one is standing next to an injured/ill person, one needs the instruction on performing first aid treatment from an(More)
In recent years, a new stick-type odor identification test, the odor-stick identification test for Japanese (OSIT-J) has been developed in Japan. Thirteen odors familiar to Japanese people are used in this test. The OSIT-J is an olfactory discrimination test and is significantly correlated with the average recognition threshold of T & T olfactometry, which(More)
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