Jun Takasugi

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Twenty-one healthy subjects were instructed to observe the mirror image of the tactile stimulation of their own hand (control condition) or an assistant's hand (experimental condition) while being queried about the referred sensation (RS) in their own masked hand behind the mirror. The rated intensity of the RS under the experimental condition was(More)
BACKGROUND The reliability of chest physical examination and the degree of agreement among examiners in diagnosing pneumonia based on these findings are largely unknown. OBJECTIVES To determine the accuracy of various physical examination maneuvers in diagnosing pneumonia and to compare the interobserver reliability of the maneuvers among 3 examiners. (More)
BACKGROUND Modified CIT (mCIT) was performed in a stroke patient with a lesion in the left medial frontal region including the supplementary motor area (SMA), which is part of the higher-motor area, and whose primary symptom was motor ignition difficulty observed at the start of voluntary movement of the right leg. CASE STUDY mCIT was performed from(More)
PRIMARY OBJECTIVE This study investigated the longitudinal changes in brain activation balance in motor-related areas after Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT). METHODS AND PROCEDURES The subjects included seven ischemic stroke patients with mild right hemiparesis. Eight normal subjects were also included. The patients underwent functional MRI and(More)
Mirror therapy can be used to promote recovery from paralysis in patients with post-stroke hemiplegia, There are a lot of reports that mirror-image observation of the unilateral moving hand enhanced the excitability of the primary motor area (M1) ipsilateral to the moving hand in healthy subjects. but the neural mechanisms underlying its therapeutic effects(More)
Depression has been known to reduce the prefrontal activity associated with the execution of certain cognitive tasks, although whether a temporarily depressed or anxious mood in healthy individuals affects the prefrontal blood oxygen level during cognitive tasks is unknown. Combining the measurement of prefrontal activity with near-infrared spectroscopy(More)
[Purpose] This study aimed to investigate Japanese physical therapists' attitudes of evidence-based practice and clinical practice guidelines. [Subjects and Methods] In 2014, a cross-sectional postal mail survey using a self-administered questionnaire was conducted. Of 2,982 physical therapists belonging to the Chiba Prefecture Physical Therapist(More)
Current protocols for the treatment of neuroblastoma emphasize total or near total resection of tumor to improve survival. This is preferentially performed as a primary procedure, or is attempted at a second-look operation. Unfortunately, this tumor often grows to large size with invasion of the spinal canal, or encasement of major vascular or other(More)
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