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Because vascular endothelial cell inflammation is critical in the development of cardiovascular pathology, we hypothesized that direct exposure of human aortic endothelial cells (HAECs) to ultrafine particles induces an inflammatory response. To test the hypothesis, we incubated HAECs for 4 h with different concentrations (0.001-50 microg/ml) of CeO(2)(More)
A near-duplicate video clustering algorithm based on multiple complementary video signatures is proposed in this work. We use three kinds of frame descriptors: RGB histogram, color name histogram, and ternary pattern. Then, we convert each kind of frame descriptors for a video into a video signature based on the bag-of-visual-words scheme. Consequently, we(More)
A novel contrast enhancement (CE) algorithm using 2-dimensional (2D) histograms, which transforms pixel values adaptively based on the depth information, is proposed in this work. In general, foreground objects convey more important visual information than background regions. Hence we assign high CE priorities to foreground pixels using the depth values and(More)
We propose a novel heterogeneous image stitching algorithm, which employs disparity information as well as color information. It is challenging to stitch heterogeneous images that have different background colors and diverse foreground objects. To overcome this difficulty, we set the criterion that objects should preserve their shapes in the stitched image.(More)
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