Jun Suzurikawa

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Individual neurons are heterogeneous and have profound impact on population activity in a complex cortical network. Precise experimental control of the firing of multiple neurons would be therefore beneficial to advance our understanding of cell-network interactions. Except for direct intracellular stimulation, however, it is difficult to gain precise(More)
This paper provides a detailed process flow for fabricating an easy-to-prepare, inexpensive, dense array of tungsten microelectrodes. We designed the process flow to minimize routine tasks by separating an initial preparation of a master mold from a routine preparation of substrate replication, array assembly and tip processing. Sandblast processing first(More)
Recently, intrinsic signal optical imaging has been widely used as a routine procedure for visualizing cortical functional maps. We do not, however, have a well-established imaging method for visualizing cortical functional connectivity indicating spatio-temporal patterns of activity propagation in the cerebral cortex. In the present study, we developed a(More)
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