Jun Soo Byun

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OBJECTIVE This study aimed to evaluate the hypotheses that administration routes [intra-arterial (IA) vs. intravenous (IV)] affect the early stage migration of transplanted human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (hBM-MSCs) in acute brain infarction. METHODS Male Sprague-Dawley rats (n=40) were subjected to photothrombotic infarction. Three days(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to assess the safety and early outcomes of the Pipeline device for large/giant or fusiform aneurysms. MATERIALS AND METHODS The Pipeline was implanted in a total of 45 patients (mean age, 58 years; M:F=10:35) with 47 large/giant or fusiform aneurysms. We retrospectively evaluated the characteristics of the treated(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the use of 3D driven equilibrium (DRIVE) imaging with 3D balanced fast field echo (bFFE) imaging in the assessment of the anatomic structures of the internal auditory canal (IAC) and inner ear at 3 Tesla (T). MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty ears of 15 subjects (7 men and 8 women; age range, 22-71 years; average age, 50 years) without(More)
PURPOSE Axium™ coils were developed to improve the durability of coil-embolized cerebral aneurysms by increasing packing density. The purpose of this prospective multicenter registry was to evaluate the safety and durability of Axium™ coils. MATERIALS AND METHODS One hundred twenty-six patients with 135 aneurysms of ≤ 15 mm in size underwent coil(More)
The authors describe the use of a self-expandable stent in a temporary deployment for treatment of a very wide-neck A1 segment of anterior cerebral artery (ACA) aneurysm following incomplete clipping. A 39-year-old hypertensive man presenting with seizure-like movement underwent computed tomography, which showed acute subarachnoid hemorrhage and an A1(More)
cc This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License (http://creativecommons.org/ licenses/by-nc/3.0) which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. JMD Dear Editor, Many types of hyperkinetic(More)
PURPOSE To assess patient radiation doses during cerebral angiography and embolization of intracranial aneurysms across multi-centers and propose a diagnostic reference level (DRL). MATERIALS AND METHODS We studied a sample of 490 diagnostic and 371 therapeutic procedures for intracranial aneurysms, which were performed at 23 hospitals in Korea in 2015.(More)
The patient-specific pre- and postsurgery cerebral arterial geometries in the study were reconstructed from computed tomography angiography (CTA). Three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics models were used to investigate the hemodynamic phenomena in the cerebral arteries before and after surgery of the aneurysm under realistic conditions. CFD(More)
Cardiac myxoma is the most common primary tumor of the heart. It is a rare cause of acute ischemic stroke and commonly not detected until after the stroke. There is no current guideline for the treatment of cardiac myxoma stroke and only a few cases of mechanical thrombectomy have been reported. We present a case of cardiac myxoma stroke in a 4-year-old boy(More)
Mucoceles are one of the most common benign soft tissue masses of the oral cavity. When they occur in the tongue, the ventral surface is the usual location. Mucoceles at the base of the tongue are extremely rare and must be differentiated from intralingual thyroglossal duct cysts. We present a case of a mucocele on the base of the tongue, which was(More)