Jun Sim

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P2X receptors are ion channels gated by extracellular ATP. We report here cloning of a P2X(2) receptor splice variant (P2X(2-2)) carrying a 207 bp deletion in the intracellular C-terminus and the analysis of the corresponding genomic structure of the P2X(2) gene. P2X(2-2) is as highly expressed as the original P2X(2) sequence in various tissues.(More)
Autoinducer 2 (AI-2) is a quorum sensing molecule to which bacteria respond to regulate various phenotypes, including virulence and biofilm formation. AI-2 plays an important role in the formation of a subgingival biofilm composed mostly of Gram-negative anaerobes, by which periodontitis is initiated. The aim of this study was to evaluate D-galactose as an(More)
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