Jun Shu

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— We propose a game theoretic pricing mechanism for statistically guaranteed service in packet-switched networks. The mechanism provides congestion control, differentiated qualities of service, and efficient resource allocation. For users, the mechanism offers better quality and lower price. Service providers can base new service and revenue models within(More)
In this paper, we address the problem of extracting gene regulation information from microarray data for cancer classification. From the biological viewpoint, a model of gene regulation probability is established where three types of gene regulation states in a tissue sample are assumed and then two regulation events correlated with the class distinction(More)
—We use game theorectic models to show the lack of incentives in the TCP congestion avoidance algorithm and the consequential system-wide network problems. We then propose a Vickery-Clark-Groves (VCG) mechanism-based access control mechanism for packet traffic. Our mechanism is called " Smart Pay Access Control (SPAC). " We prove both the incentive(More)
To construct cDNA library of nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) and obtain the NPC associated or specific antigens from it, we used a powerful new method to identify the antigens eliciting humoral immune response, which is SEREX (serological identification of antigen by recombinant cDNA expression library). Autologous serum of NPC patient was used to screen the(More)
This paper illustrated the optimality of Grover quantum search algorithm, and simulated the number of iterations and the specific implementation steps of quantum search algorithm with QCL in Linux operating systems, then validated the time complexity of Grover's quantum searching algorithm is () while the algorithm's time complexity on classical computers(More)
SUMMARY One ultimate goal of power network planning is to construct power systems that are environmentally friendly. However, it is still a challenging issue to efficiently consider environmental factors in power network planning problems due to the complexity and the diversity of environment. This paper presents a nonlinear approach to formulate the(More)