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A cross-coupled inverter which is an essential element of on-chip memory subsystems plays an important role in synchronous LSI circuits. In this paper, an analytical stability model for a cross-coupled inverter operating in a sub-threshold voltage region is proposed. The proposed model analytically shows that the minimum operating voltage of the(More)
We determined which angle of flexion best prevents popliteal artery injury during knee surgery. We took MRIs of the knee in the lateral position with the knee in 0 degrees, 45 degrees, 90 degrees, and 120 degrees of flexion in 15 volunteers. The shortest distance between the posterior cortex of the tibia and the popliteal artery was measured at various(More)
Near-threshold computing has emerged as a promising solution for drastically improving the energy efficiency of microprocessors. This paper proposes architectural-level statistical static timing analysis (SSTA) models for the near-threshold voltage computing where the path delay distribution is approximated as a lognormal distribution. First, we prove(More)
This paper proposes a standard-cell based memory (SCM) as an alternative to a traditional on-chip SRAM for near-threshold voltage computing. It focuses on area- and energy-efficiency using minimum height standard-cells. Unlike conventional SCMs, the proposed SCM has standard-cells with a minimum possible cell height allowed by the logic design rule of the(More)
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