Jun Shinozaki

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One of the most powerful ways of succeeding in complex social interactions is to read the minds of companions and stay a step ahead of them. In order to assess neural responses to reciprocal mind reading in socially strained human relationships, we used a 3-T scanner to perform an event-related functional magnetic resonance imaging study in 16 healthy(More)
Brain activity during observation and imagery of gait was investigated. Sixteen subjects were scanned with a 3-Tesla MRI scanner while viewing six types of video clips: observation of gait movement (GO) from the third-person perspective, observation of stepping movement, observation of standing posture, "virtual walking" (VW) that was observation of visual(More)
The development of human social cognition has allowed interactions with other species and the formation of a cooperative multi-species society. This feature posited keen attention on the following question: is heterospecific social cognition represented in the same brain areas as conspecific social cognition? Here we investigated brain activity accompanying(More)
Psychological factors are known to play an extremely important role in the maintenance and development of chronic pain conditions. However, it is unclear how such factors relate to the central neural processing of nociceptive transmission in healthy individuals. To investigate this issue, the activation of the brain was studied in 30 healthy volunteers(More)
People always concern about what they have and what they might lose even it is just imaginary property. According to Prospect Theory, the losses might be weighted by subjects higher than gain, which would cause the disparity between the willingness to accept (WTA) and willingness to pay (WTP) compensation in economic valuation. Using functional MRI, we(More)
Oscillatory brain activity is known to play an essential role in information processing in working memory. Recent studies have indicated that alpha activity (8-13 Hz) in the parieto-occipital area is strongly modulated in working memory tasks. However, the function of alpha activity in working memory is open to several interpretations, such that alpha(More)
Both auditory and visual information plays an important role for audiovisual speech perception during face-to-face communication. Several behavioral studies have shown that native English speakers and native Japanese speakers behaved differently in audiovisual speech perception. We hypothesized that there would be differences in neural processing between(More)
Changing tendency forward conservative treatment of operable breast cancer combined either partial mastectomy or lumpectomy with irradiation has been introduced by understanding of results of numerous clinical trials. The importance of biological prognostic factors was emphasized in order to obtain better clinical results including preservation of patients(More)
We investigated the effect of load against self-paced movement on cortical involvement for motor execution. Ten right-handed healthy volunteers were requested to perform brisk extension of the right index finger at self-paced intervals exceeding 10s for three load conditions: 0g, 50g and 100g. Movement-related magnetic fields were recorded using an MEG(More)