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N,N'-ditosylhydrazine: a convenient reagent for facile synthesis of diazoacetates.
A variety of diazoacetates were synthesized from the corresponding bromoacetates by treatment with N,N'-ditosylhydrazine in moderate to high yields, offering a useful alternative to the conventional methods. Expand
Total synthesis of tryprostatins A and B.
The research group has long been involved with the radical-mediated construction of a variety of indole cores and the application of these methods to natural product synthesis and envisioned that this method could also be applied to the synthesis of the 2,3-disubstituted indole moiety of the tryprostatins. Expand
Development of a PCR-RFLP Method for Differentiation of Perkinsus olseni and P. honshuensis in the Manila Clam Ruditapes philippinarum
It is found that clams from the western Seto Inland Sea were infected with both species of the parasites, the first report of P. honshuensis from areas outside the type locality of this species. Expand
Experimental evaluation of the pathogenicity of Perkinsus olseni in juvenile Manila clams Ruditapes philippinarum.
This is the first experimental evidence that P. olseni causes direct mortality in Manila clams, and the lethal level of infection was estimated at approximately 10⁷ pathogen cells/g soft tissue weight. Expand
Experimental challenges of wild Manila clams with Perkinsus species isolated from naturally infected wild Manila clams.
This is the first report to confirm the pathogenicity of wild isolate of Perkinsus species to wild Manila clams and report high mortalities among the small clams, but not among the large ones. Expand
Total synthesis of gelsemoxonine.
A one-pot isomerization reaction of the α,β-unsaturated aldehyde to the saturated ester via the TMSCN-DBU reagent combination allowed a facile diastereoselective introduction of the latent nitrogen functionality of the unique azetidine moiety. Expand
Divergent strategy in natural product total synthesis
Abstract Divergent strategy in natural product synthesis allows the comprehensive synthesis of family natural products. Efficient formulation of this idea requires theExpand
Enantioselective Total Synthesis of (+)-Hinckdentine A via a Catalytic Dearomatization Approach.
The key steps to the first asymmetric synthesis involved enantioselective dearomative cyclization of an achiral N-acyl indole that allowed for the efficient construction of the key polycyclic indoline intermediate with a crucial tetrasubstituted stereogenic carbon center. Expand
Enantioselective total synthesis of batzelladine A.