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We consider a randomized network coding approach for multicasting from several sources over a network, in which nodes independently and randomly select linear mappings from inputs onto output links over some field. This approach was first described in [3], which gave, for acyclic delay-free networks, a bound on error probability, in terms of the number of(More)
— We show how distributed randomized network coding, a robust approach to multicasting in distributed network settings, can be extended to provide Byzantine modification detection without the use of cryptographic functions. Distributed randomized network coding is a flexible, robust approach for multi-source multicast in distributed network settings. In(More)
A number of published studies investigated the association between interleukin-1α (IL-1α)-899 (+4845) C→T polymorphism and susceptibility to aggressive periodontitis (AgP). However, the results from different studies are controversial. This study was conducted to further investigate the association between IL-1α-899 (+4845) C→T polymorphism and AgP using a(More)
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