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Incipient fault detection with smoothing techniques in statistical process monitoring
Abstract In modern industry, detecting incipient faults timely is of vital importance to prevent serious system performance deterioration and ensure optimal process operation. Recently, multivariateExpand
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Recursive transformed component statistical analysis for incipient fault detection
Abstract This paper presents a new data-driven process monitoring method called recursive transformed component statistical analysis (RTCSA) for the purpose of incipient fault detection. WithoutExpand
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Incipient Sensor Fault Diagnosis Using Moving Window Reconstruction-Based Contribution
Reconstruction-based contribution (RBC) is widely used for fault isolation and estimation in conjunction with principal component analysis (PCA)-based fault detection. Correct isolation can beExpand
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Recursive Dynamic Transformed Component Statistical Analysis for Fault Detection in Dynamic Processes
  • Jun Shang, M. Chen
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
  • 2018
This paper considers the problem of dynamic process monitoring. Based on the recently proposed recursive transformed component statistical analysis (RTCSA), its dynamic counterpart recursive dynamicExpand
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Comparative analyses of structural features and scaffold diversity for purchasable compound libraries
Large purchasable screening libraries of small molecules afforded by commercial vendors are indispensable sources for virtual screening (VS). Selecting an optimal screening library for a specific VSExpand
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Saliency modeling via outlier detection
Abstract. Based on the fact that human attention is more likely to be attracted by different objects or statistical outliers of a scene, a bottom-up saliency detection model is proposed. Our modelExpand
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Similarity-aware data aggregation using fuzzy c-means approach for wireless sensor networks
For resource-constrained IoT systems, data collection is one of the fundamental operations to reduce the energy dissipation of sensor nodes and improve the network lifetime. However, an anomaly orExpand
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Fault Detection and Isolation of the Brake Cylinder System for Electric Multiple Units
Air brake systems are crucial systems for safe and stable operation of electric multiple units (EMUs). The brake cylinder system, which includes brake cylinders, corresponding pressure sensors, andExpand
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Fault detection based on augmented kernel Mahalanobis distance for nonlinear dynamic processes
This paper presents a fault detection method based on augmented kernel Mahalanobis distance (AKMD) for monitoring nonlinear dynamic processes. In order to reflect the information of dynamicExpand
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Exponential Smoothing Reconstruction Approach for Incipient Fault Isolation
Accurate detection and isolation of an incipient fault is crucial for efficient and optimal operation of industrial processes. In the area of statistical process monitoring (SPM),Expand
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