Jun-Seok Kim

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To date, prodigiosin and its analogues which have been shown to have anticancer, cytotoxic and immunosuppressive activities have been isolated from Serratia, Pseudomonas and Streptomyces species, and chemically synthesized. In a previous study, the red pigment content in Serratia sp. KH-95 was enhanced using a casein-enriched medium. Recently, an integrated(More)
A log of waste oak wood collected from a Korean mushroom farm has been tested for ammonia percolation pretreatment. The waste log has different physical characteristics from that of virgin oak wood. The density of the waste wood was 30% lower than that of virgin oak wood. However, there is little difference in the chemical compositions between the woods.(More)
OBJECTIVES Measurements of stroke volume variation for volume management in mechanically ventilated patients are influenced by various factors, such as tidal volume, respiratory rate, and chest/lung compliance. However, research regarding the effect of positive end-expiratory pressure on stroke volume variation is limited. METHODS Patients were divided(More)
Biological conversion of biomass into fuels and chemicals requires hydrolysis of the polysaccharide fraction into monomeric sugars prior to fermentation. Hydrolysis can be performed enzymatically or with mineral acids. In this study, dilute sulfuric acid was used as a catalyst for the pretreatment of rapeseed straw. The purpose of this study is to optimize(More)
The current status and challenges associated with the production and utilization of cellulosic ethanol in Korea are reviewed in this paper. Cellulosic ethanol has emerged as a promising option for mitigating Korea's CO(2) emissions and enhancing its energy security. Korea's limited biomass resources is the most critical barrier to achieving its(More)