Seiji Ohtori39
Kazuhide Inage39
Kazuyo Yamauchi39
39Seiji Ohtori
39Kazuhide Inage
39Kazuyo Yamauchi
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Recurrent seizure activity has been shown to induce a variety of permanent structural changes in the brain. Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) function to promote neuronal plasticity, primarily through cleavage of extracellular matrix proteins. Here, we investigated the role of MMP-9 in the development of pentylenetetrazole (PTZ)-induced kindled seizure in(More)
in this paper, we consider uncaiibrated reconstruction of curved surfaces from apparent contours. Since apparent contours are not fixed features (viewpoint independent), we cannot directly apply the recent resuits of the uncaiibrated reconstruction from fixed features. We show that, nonetheless, curved surfaces can be reconstructed up to an affine ambiguity(More)
Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is quite common, but the mechanism for this phenomenon is still not understood; even the existence of muscle tenderness (mechanical hyperalgesia) has not been demonstrated in experimental models. We developed an animal model of DOMS by inducing eccentric contraction (lengthening contraction, ECC) to the extensor(More)
Unaccustomed strenuous exercise, especially that from eccentric muscular work, often causes muscle tenderness, which is a kind of mechanical hyperalgesia. We developed an animal model of delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) from eccentric muscular contraction (ECC) in rats and demonstrated the existence of muscle tenderness by means of behavioral pain tests(More)
In this paper, the effectiveness of the ASIP (Application Specific Instruction set Processor) design system PEAS-III is evaluated through experiments. Examples in experiments are a MIPS R3000 compatible processor, DLX, a simple RISC controller, and PEAS-I core. While they are simple in-order pipelined processors, they have enough facilities for real(More)
  • Hideyuki Takeuchi, Hiroyuki Mizoguchi, Yukiko Doi, Shijie Jin, Mariko Noda, Jianfeng Liang +13 others
  • 2011
BACKGROUND Glutamate released by activated microglia induces excitotoxic neuronal death, which likely contributes to non-cell autonomous neuronal death in neurodegenerative diseases, including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and Alzheimer's disease. Although both blockade of glutamate receptors and inhibition of microglial activation are the therapeutic(More)
This paper proposes a new algorithm for Instruction implementation Method Selection Problem (IMSP) in ASIP (Application Specific Integrated Processors) design automation. This problem is to be solved in the instruction set architecture and CPU core architecture designs. First, the IMSP is formalized as an integer progmmming problem, which is to maximize the(More)