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in this paper, we consider uncaiibrated reconstruction of curved surfaces from apparent contours. Since apparent contours are not fixed features (viewpoint independent), we cannot directly apply the recent resuits of the uncaiibrated reconstruction from fixed features. We show that, nonetheless, curved surfaces can be reconstructed up to an affine ambiguity(More)
In this paper, the effectiveness of the ASIP (Application Specific Instruction set Processor) design system PEAS-III is evaluated through experiments. Examples in experiments are a MIPS R3000 compatible processor, DLX, a simple RISC controller, and PEAS-I core. While they are simple in-order pipelined processors, they have enough facilities for real(More)
This paper proposes a new algorithm for Instruction implementation Method Selection Problem (IMSP) in ASIP (Application Specific Integrated Processors) design automation. This problem is to be solved in the instruction set architecture and CPU core architecture designs. First, the IMSP is formalized as an integer progmmming problem, which is to maximize the(More)
In this paper, we propose integral invariants based on group invariant parameterisation. The new invariants do not suuer from occlusion problems, do not require any correspondence of image features unlike existing algebraic invariants, and are less sensitive to noise than diier-ential invariants. Our framework applies aane diierential geometry to derive(More)