Jun Sakai

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Intracellular amyloid-β peptide (Aβ) has been implicated in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Mitochondria were found to be the target both for amyloid precursor protein (APP) that accumulates in the mitochondrial import channels and for Aβ that interacts with several proteins inside mitochondria and leads to mitochondrial dysfunction. Here, we(More)
Family and twin studies have shown that genetic factors play an important role in the etiology of panic disorder. However, linkage and association studies using DNA markers have yielded inconclusive results. Increased serotonin neurotransmission may cause or be related to panic disorder. Assuming that genes regulating the serotonin system are involved in(More)
The hyperactivity of dopaminergic systems is one of the major etiological hypotheses of schizophrenia. The major support for this hypothesis is that effective antipsychotic drugs bind to dopamine receptors and improve acute schizophrenic symptoms. For this reason, we investigated the allelic association between schizophrenia and polymorphisms of the DRD2(More)
BACKGROUND The suggestion has been made that neurological changes seen in the syndrome of chronic traumatic encephalopathy may be due to exogenous anabolic steroid use rather than traumatic brain injury. OBJECTIVE To determine whether administration of anabolic steroids alters the pathophysiology of traumatic brain injury. METHODS Sixty adult male(More)
Actin reorganization in dendritic spines is hypothesized to underlie neuronal plasticity. Actin-related proteins, therefore, might serve as useful markers of plastic changes in dendritic spines. Here, we utilized memory deficits induced by fimbria-fornix transection (FFT) in rats as a dementia model to screen candidate memory-associated molecules by using a(More)
We assessed CO(2) gas dispersal potential of bedding that had actually been used by 26 infants diagnosed with sudden unexpected infant death using a baby mannequin model. The age of victims ranged from 1 to 12 months. In some cases, the parents alleged that the infant faces were not covered with bedding when they were found. The parent's memories, however,(More)
Surgery of the infratemporal fossa (ITF) and parapharyngeal area presents a formidable challenge to the surgeon due to its anatomical complexity and limited access. Conventional surgical approaches to these regions were often too invasive and necessitate sacrifice of normal function and anatomy. To describe a less invasive transcranial extradural approach(More)
Most cases of hypophosphatasia (HPP) exhibit early loss of primary teeth. Results of microcomputed tomography (micro-CT) analysis of teeth with HPP have rarely been reported. The purpose of the present study was to describe the mineral density distribution and mapping of exfoliated teeth from an HPP patient using micro-CT. Four exfoliated teeth were(More)
It is evident that the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease (AD) are derived from severe neuronal damage, and especially pyramidal neurons in the hippocampus are affected pathologically. Here, we analysed the proteome of hippocampal neurons, isolated from post-mortem brains by laser capture microdissection. By using (18)O labelling and mass spectrometry, the(More)
PURPOSE For diagnoses of temporomandibular dysfunction, reports indicate the importance of analyzing jaw movements using a jaw motion tracking device with six degrees of freedom. However, such devices are not widely applied in clinical practice, due to difficulty of use. To determine whether CMS-JAW (a newly developed six degrees of freedom jaw motion(More)