Jun Okitsu

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* X-NAS (eXpandable network attached storage), a highly scalable, distributed file system designed for entry-level NAS, has been developed. It virtualizes multiple NAS systems into a single-file-system view for different kinds of clients. The core of X-NAS is a multi-protocol virtualized file system (MVFS), and its key features—a smart-code wrapper daemon,(More)
—Gas District Cooling (GDC) provides electricity and chilled water to facilities with relatively low running cost and has the potential to reduce CO2 emission as it can make effective use of wasted energy. However, the present CO2 emission tends to be higher than expected due to the chilled water supply-demand gap. To efficiently manage the gap, this paper(More)
An on-line backup function for X-NAS, a clustered NAS system designed for entry-level NAS, has been developed. The on-line backup function can replicate file objects on X-NAS to a remote NAS in real-time. It makes use of the virtualized global file system of X-NAS, and sends NFS write operations to both X-NAS and the remote backup NAS at the same time. The(More)
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