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This paper proposes a new human action recognition method baaed on a Hidden Markov Model (HMM). We do not adopt model-based top-down approach becawe our purpose is not to reconstruct a geometric representation of the human body but to recognize human action. We use a feature based bottom up approach with HMMa that is characterized by its learning capability(More)
A method that can be used for for recognizing facial expressions of multiple persons is proposed. In this method, the condition of facial muscles is assigned to a hidden state of a HMM for each expression. Then, the probability of the state is updated according to a feature vector obtained from image processing. Image processing is performed in two steps.(More)
A Dynamic Programming (DP) based algorithm that achieves real-time, high quality stereo-matching is presented. A special coarse to fine approach as well as the MMX based assembler implementation mainly contribute to the reached computation speed. A novel vertical smoothing approach by re-integrating paths inside the DP matching allows the avoidance of noisy(More)
Among head gestures, nodding and head-shaking are very common and used often. Thus the detection of such gestures is basic to a visual understanding of human responses. However it is difficult to detect them in real-time, because nodding and head-shaking are fairly small and fast head movements. In this paper, we propose an approach for detecting nodding(More)
This paper proposes a new modeling and animation method of botanical tree for interactive virtual environment. Some studies of botanical tree modeling have been based on the Growth Model, which can construct a very natural tree structure. However, this model makes it difficult to predict the final form of tree from given parameters; that is, if an objective(More)
This paper introduces a new real-time method t o estimate the posture of a human from thermal images acquired b y an infrared camera regardless of the background and lighting conditions. Distance transformation is performed for the human body area extracted from the thresholded thermal image for the calculation of the center of gravity. After the(More)
We present a novel skinned skeletal animation system based on spline-aligned deformations for providing high quality and fully designable deformations in real-time. Our ambition is to allow artists the easy creation of abstract, pose-dependent deformation behaviors that might directly be assigned to a large variety of target objects simultaneously. To(More)
A method that can be used for spotting segments that display facial expression is proposed. The motion of the face is modeled by HMM in such a way that each state corresponds to the conditions of facial muscles, e.g., relaxed, contracting, apex and relaxing. The probability assigned to each state is updated iteratively as the feature vector is obtained from(More)