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We have investigated dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase expression as a prognostic marker in breast cancer. A total of 119 women with breast cancer undergoing surgery between 1985 and 1996 were included in this study. Eighty-seven patients were treated with postoperative chemotherapy including 5-fluorouracil or 5-fluorouracil derivatives. Fifty-nine (50%) of(More)
Electrical responses of the smooth muscle cells to ATP were recorded in the longitudinal muscle of mouse myometrium, using intracellular micro-electrodes. ATP (greater than 10(-7) M) dose-dependently produced a biphasic change in the membrane potential, an initial hyperpolarization (20-30 sec) and then a depolarization. This effect of ATP was observed in(More)
Although the rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) continues to play an important role in the study of parturitional processes, a detailed behavioral description of birth in this species, necessary for accurately assessing the effects of experimental manipulation, is lacking. It is the aim of this report to provide such a description and to compare it with(More)
Paclitaxel plus bevacizumab have shown a high response rate and prolonged progression-free survival in metastatic breast cancer patients. However, overall survival was not prolonged. Thus, no conclusion has been made on the effectiveness of bevacizumab. In our report, taxane plus bevacizumab were used to treat a metastatic breast cancer patient with taxane(More)
INTRODUCTION Trastuzumab is generally considered a highly safe drug, but there have been cases of infusion reaction and cardiotoxicity. This report will present a rare case of hepatotoxicity induced by trastuzumab used for adjuvant therapy of human epidermal growth factor receptor type 2-positive breast cancer. CASE PRESENTATION The patient was a(More)
Subsequent to the performance of open-heart surgery in children, a comprehensive assessment of the left ventricular function at the time of loading is extremely important to the performance of rehabilitation. However, with regard to the methods of per forming loading tests in children, and especially in suckling infants, it is often difficult to carry out a(More)
We investigated changes in membrane potential after small transections (2-4 mm) of the striated muscle of the guinea-pig cremaster and the rate of penetration of procion yellow (1-5 mg/ml) into the injured fibers. Transverse severance of the striated muscle fibers was followed by a marked drop of the membrane potential near the site of injury, such a fall(More)
To determine the appropriate timing for surgical intervention in infective endocarditis (IE), we evaluated 24 patients (17 males, 6 females, with one included twice) who underwent surgical intervention for IE of native valves (NVE, n = 21) and prosthetic valves (PVE, n = 3) between January 1989 and September 1994. The mean age was 41 +/- 13 years (range 6(More)
1 The tension developed in the guinea-pig cremaster was recorded during spontaneous activity and electrical stimulation. Spontaneous rhythmic contraction was observed in many preparations, particularly in the tip of the cremaster. These contractions were very slow, lasting about 20 s and occuring at about 2 min intervals, but different preparations varied(More)
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