Jun Nie

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BACKGROUND The development of rapid and safe antidepressants for the treatment of major depression is in urgent demand. Converging evidence suggests that glutamatergic signaling seems to play important roles in the pathophysiology of depression. METHODS We studied the antidepressant effects of 3(')-deoxyadenosine (3'-dA, Cordycepin) and the critical role(More)
Lentinan (LNT) is an immune regulator and its potential and mechanism for the treatment of mood disorder is of our interest. Dectin-1 is a β-glucan (including LNT) receptor that regulates immune functions in many immune cell types. Cumulative evidence has suggested that the glutamatergic system seems to play an important role in the treatment of depression.(More)
Proteo-β-glucan from Maitake (PGM) is a strong immune regulator, and its receptor is called Dectin-1. Cumulative evidence suggests that AMPA receptors are important for the treatment of depression. Here, we report that PGM treatment leads to a significant antidepressant effect in the tail suspension test and forced swim test after sixty minutes of treatment(More)
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