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Mental health research among Latino farmworkers is hampered by the absence of measurement evaluation that ensures farmworkers understand and can consistently and appropriately respond to questions about mental health. Cross-sectional data were obtained from 409 farmworkers via interviewer-administered survey questionnaires. Mental health was operationalized(More)
[1] The scientific success of a remote exploration rover mission depends on the right combination of technology, teamwork and scientific insight. In order to quantitatively evaluate the success of a rover field trial, it is necessary to assess the accuracy of scientific interpretations made during the field test. This work compares three structured(More)
Adaptive cruise control (ACC) requires that the driver intervene in situations that exceed the capability of ACC. A brake pulse might provide a particularly compatible means of alerting the driver to situations in which the acceleration authority of the ACC has been exceeded. This study examined the sensitivity of the driver to brake pulses of five(More)
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