Jun Nakagawa

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Several parasitological studies carried out in El Salvador between 2000-2012 showed a higher frequency of acute cases of Chagas disease than that in other Central American countries. There is an urgent need for improved Chagas disease surveillance and vector control programs in the provinces where acute Chagas disease occurs and throughout El Salvador as a(More)
Mg(2+) buffering mechanisms in PC12 cells were demonstrated with particular focus on the role of the Na(+)/Mg(2+) transporter by using a newly developed Mg(2+) indicator, KMG-20, and also a Na(+) indicator, Sodium Green. Carbonyl cyanide p-(trifluoromethoxy) phenylhydrazone (FCCP), a protonophore, induced a transient increase in the intracellular Mg(2+)(More)
The phonological abilities of congenitally deaf individuals are inferior to those of people who can hear. However, deaf individuals can acquire spoken languages by utilizing orthography and lip-reading. The present study used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to show that deaf individuals utilize phonological representations via a mnemonic(More)
Men, like the male of many animal species, use gifts to build satisfactory relationships with a desired woman. From the woman's perspective, all gifts are not always equally rewarding; the reward value of a gift depends on two factors: (1) the giver and (2) the type of the gift (the gift's social meaning). In this study, we investigated how these two(More)
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