Jun-Na Zhang

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Strain M(438), deposited as CGMCC3917 and isolated from inoculums of bacterial cellulose (BC) producing strain screened in homemade vinegar and then induced by high hydrostatic pressure treatment (HHP), has strong ability to produce BC more than three times as that of its initial strain. It is the highest yield BC-producing strain ever reported. In this(More)
The title compound, C(9)H(10)N(2)O(5), presents a racemic mixture of two enanti-omeric diastereomers. In the crystal, mol-ecules assemble into zigzag chains parallel to the b axis [C(6) motif] due to the formation of elongated O-H⋯O(N) hydrogen bonds. Of inter-est is the fact that only the aliphatic nitro group is involved in hydrogen bonding and it adopts(More)
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