Jun Morikawa

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Malignant lymphoma is a heterogeneous disease with different clinical features. Among diffuse large B-cell lymphomas (DLBCLs), a unique subtype has been identified recently based on cell surface marker CD5 and clinicopathological features. These de novo CD5(+) DLBCLs account for approximately 10% of all of the DLBCLs and have poorer prognosis. To(More)
Cancer cells express different levels of apoptosis-promoting Bax protein. The present study evaluated whether induction of Bax initiates apoptosis and whether Bax overexpression enhances apoptosis induced by several chemotherapeutic agents in DLD-1 colon cancer cells, which originally express a high level of endogenous Bax protein and a low level of Bcl-2(More)
Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) has distinct subgroups characterized by different maturation and specific chromosomal translocation. In order to gain insight into the gene expression activities in AML, we carried out a gene expression profiling study with 21 AML samples using cDNA microarrays, focusing on acute promyelocytic leukemia with specific(More)
Using a fluorescent differential display (FDD) technique, a novel cDNA was identified by screening for gene expressed differentially between the Dunn osteosarcoma cell line and the LM8 cell line, an isolated variant of the Dunn cell line that has high metastatic potential to the lung. Molecular cloning of the cDNA revealed the clone has similarity to a(More)
It has been reported that expression of Bax by Tet-On system induces apoptosis in Jurkat cells. The parental Jurkat cells have mutation of Bax gene and do not express Bax protein. Wild-type Bax-bearing cells express endogenous Bax protein and it is still unclear whether overexpression of Bax alone can sufficiently induce apoptosis in these cells in the(More)
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