Jun Ming Chen

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Growing evidence indicates that nomogram combined with the biomarkers of systemic inflammation response could provide more accurate prediction than conventional staging systems in tumors. This study aimed to establish an effective prognostic nomogram for resectable thoracic esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) based on the clinicopathological(More)
Reading exercises are critical for developing strong reading comprehension. However, due to resource constraints and a lack of accurate evaluation methods, English instructors can hardly assess student reading ability effectively. In past decades, learning by reading is known to be challenging for both teachers and students involved, especially for students(More)
Self-healing is a capacity observed in most biological systems in which the healing processes are autonomously triggered after the damage. Inspired by this natural behavior, researchers believed that a synthetic material possessing similar self-recovery capability could also be developed. Albeit various intrinsic self-healing systems have been developed(More)
Laminins are important basement membrane (BM) components with crucial roles in development. The numbers of laminin isoforms in various organisms are determined by the composition of the different α, β, and γ chains, and their coding genes, which are variable across spieces. In insects, only two α, one β, and one γ chains have been identified thus far. Here,(More)
Reading is an important skill for gaining knowledge and discovering new information in a global society. Reading competence also strongly influences a person's learning ability. However, in building better reading skills, one of the major difficulties is an absence of background knowledge to help learners read and understand material. Background knowledge(More)
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