Jun Min Luo

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The current study aimed to investigate the rejection and survival time of grafted skin, and the changes of Treg cells, interleukin 10 (IL-10) and transforming growth factor-β (TGF-β) in peripheral blood following skin transplantation with recombinant human interleukin-10 (rhIL-10) or cyclosporin A (CsA), as well as the role of IL-10 in immunological(More)
Analysis of complementarity determining region 3 (CDR3) length of T lymphocyte receptors (TCRs) by immunoscope spectratyping technique has been used successfully to investigate the diversity of TCR in autoimmune diseases and infection diseases. In this study, we investigated the patterns of CDR3 length distribution for all 32 TCR AV gene families in human(More)
A peroxidase-antiperoxidase immunostaining method was employed to determine the initial stage of appearance and localization of substance P (SP) and enkephalin (ENK) in the nucleus dorsalis of the developing human spinal cord. Both SP- and ENK-positive fibers started to appear from the 10th week of gestation in regions surrounding the nucleus dorsalis.(More)
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