Jun Miao Shen

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Pain perception threshold (PPT) in the head was assessed with a pressure algometer in 40 control individuals (24 females and 16 males). Threshold was assessed at 11 symmetrical points on each side. The average threshold for each side was calculated, and differences between two sides were evaluated with an asymmetry index. Subjects were studied in relation(More)
Many examples of Location-aware services have been developed in recent years as the enabling technologies mature. However, these services frequently exist in isolation and address specific niche markets. The diversity of the mobile computing community suggests that enabling dynamic combinations of location-area services would be an appropriate deployment(More)
In this paper, the identification method of the piezoelectric ceramics model is put forward. Firstly Prandtl-lshlinskii model of hysteresis of piezoelectric ceramics is built, and basic creep superposition operator of creep model is identified on the creep features of piezoelectric ceramics. Secondly, the combination model of hysteresis and creep were got.(More)
In a prospective study on latent autonomic dysfunction in the Chiari type I malformation, 15 patients were examined for degree of sinus arrhythmia in the supine and the sitting positions with a deep breathing test, and for pupil size and function with electronic pupillometry after sympathicomimetic eyedrop stimulation. The 5 patients with brainstem signs(More)
Cluster headache and chronic paroxysmal hemicrania are assumed to be so closely related that they from a classification point of view have been grouped together under the superstructure: cluster headache syndrome. If this grouping will prove to stand the test of time, the pathogenesis of the two subgroups ought to be quite similar. CPH per se has two(More)
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