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High-nuclearity silver(I) chalcogenide clusters: A novel class of supramolecular assembly
Abstract The high-nuclearity silver(I) clusters, a novel class of supramolecular assembly of silver(I) complexes, were usually prepared by incorporating silver ions with various ligands. Notably, aExpand
High-Nuclearity Silver Thiolate Clusters Constructed with Phosphonates.
The n-butylphosphonate ligand has been employed to construct three new silver(I) thiolate compounds. Single-crystal X-ray analysis revealed that complexes 1 and 2 are Ag48 and Ag51 coordination chainExpand
Structure-Directing Role of Phosphonate in the Synthesis of High-Nuclearity Silver(I) Sulfide-Ethynide-Thiolate Clusters.
Phosphonate ligands as structure-directing components have been employed to construct four new high-nuclearity silver(I) sulfide-ethynide-thiolate clusters, in which silver(I) aggregates tBuC≡C⊃Ag3,Expand
Anion Templated Synthesis of Silver(I)-Ethynide Dithiophosphate Clusters
Reaction of AgC≡CtBu with (EtO)2PS2Na at room temperature leads to the isolation of two new silver(I)-ethynide compounds incorporating the dithiophosphate ligand, namely,Expand
Hydrothermal synthesis of titanate nanowire arrays
Abstract A simple templateless synthesis strategy for titanate nanowire arrays was developed by employing hydrothermal reactions. Hydrothermal treatment of metallic titanium powder with H 2 O 2 in aExpand
High-Nuclearity Heterometallic tert-Butylethynide Clusters Assembled with tert-Butylphosphonate.
High-nuclearity hybrid silver(I)-ytterbium(III) phosphonate clusters are constructed using transition-metal-substituted lacunary polyoxotungstates in place of the lanthanide reactant and feature core-shell arrangements that enclose different kinds of tungstate core templates. Expand
Hybrid Rare-Earth(III)/Bismuth(III) Clusters Assembled with Phosphonates.
Three different types of rare-earth/bismuth phosphonate clusters, Bi12RE2 (RE = Pr and Sm), Bi6Eu7, and Bi6Y9, are successfully obtained via variation of the reaction conditions, and they are the first reported examples of bismuth-oxo clusters encapsulated by cyclic rare- Hearth-earth-xo or rare- earth/bistuth- oxo phosphonates clusters, respectively. Expand
High-nuclearity silver ethynide clusters containing polynucleating oxygen donor ligands.
Polynucleating oxygen donor ligands as precursors have been employed to construct three high-nuclearity heterometallic ethynide clusters. Compound 2 consists of a Cl@Ag12 ethynide cluster capped byExpand
An organo-templated iron zincophosphate with zeolite DFT topology
The synthesis and application of open-structured materials are an active area of solid-state chemistry research due to their specific properties such as catalytic, ion exchange and intercalation.Expand
Nestlike Silver(I) Thiolate Clusters with Tunable Emission Color Templated by Heteroanions
Four silver thiolate clusters, [H3 O][(Ag3 S3 )(BF4 )@Ag27 (tBuS)18 (hfac)6 H2 O]⋅H2 O (1; hfac = hexafluoroacetylacetone), [(Ag3 S3 )(CF3 CO2 )@Ag30 (tBuS)16 (CF3 CO2 )9 (CH3 CN)4 ]⋅CF3 CO2 ⋅4 CH3Expand