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This work shows the experiment results about the study of radio wave propagation at 5.8 [GHz], under the free line of sight propagation used for air traffic control - ATC communication system as a challenge to discover about the real feasibility of using this C band for air traffic control. The most important results are the evaluation of Rice K factor, and(More)
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  • 2009 IEEE/AIAA 28th Digital Avionics Systems…
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VHF Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) is the most popular VHF aeronautical datalink. It is used for such applications as airline operation and air traffic control. VHF ACARS has only a 2400 bit/s (bps) transmission rate air-ground link. The VHF Digital Link mode 2 (VDL2) system, which has a thirteen times higher transmission(More)
This paper introduces a new kind of communication system that is proposed for oceanic air traffic control, especially works under the high air traffic conditions. The aircraft position reports are sent to the ground controllers by relaying them via other aircrafts. To do so, multi-hop ad-hoc networks that are based on these aircrafts is proposed to use. In(More)
This paper has conducted a practical experiment to investigate the transmission characteristics between the two aircrafts on the air in aeronautical VHF frequency band. Based on that, a proper scheme combining the two typical features in any avionics application, space and time domains respectively. Space-Time Division Multiple Access (S-TDMA) scheme is(More)
VHF radio system has been used for Air Traffic Control (ATC) communication, Aircraft Operational Communication (AOC) etc. on the continental area. The data communication system of the VHF radio system uses communication protocols specified in the international standards called SARPs (Standards and Recommended Practices) of the ICAO (International Civil(More)
In this paper, a new and wide frequency band was proposed for air traffic control communication (ATC), C band, which could be a supplement to its conventional VHF band. The radio propagation characteristics at this band under ATC conditions were studied through several experiments and theoretical analysis. For this communication channel, Nakagami-Rice(More)
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