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The quality of speech synthesis has come a long way since Homer Dudley's " Voder " in 1939. In fact, with the widespread use of unit-selection synthesizers, the naturalness of the synthesized speech is now high enough to pass the Turing test for short utterances, such as voice prompts. Therefore, it seems valid to ask the question " what are the next(More)
This qualitative study is designed to examine the benefits of physical activity involvement with members of the same ethnic group. For this study, Korean immigrants who were members of Korean physical activity clubs such as badminton and tennis were selected as participants. Using a constructive grounded theory methodology, three themes were identified as(More)
iv ABSTRACT SOLVING REVERSE LOGISTICS: OPTIMIZING MULTI-ECHELON REVERSE NETWORK Jun Kim As part of sustainable development initiative, product take‐back strategy encourages manufacturers to transform definition of sustainability into business practices that would reduce environmental wastes, while reducing increasingly growing waste management cost from(More)
UserFS provides egalitarian OS protection mechanisms in Linux. UserFS allows any user-not just the system administrator-to allocate Unix user IDs, to use chroot, and to set up firewall rules in order to confine untrusted code. One key idea in UserFS is representing user IDs as files in a /proc-like file system, thus allowing applications to manage user IDs(More)
Preliminary and incomplete, please do not circulate without the authors' permission. We investigate the causal effect of tweets on product demand using variation in microblogging caused by a partial block of the Chinese microblogging platform Sina Weibo due to political events. We analyze the effect of the activity decrease due to the block on viewership of(More)
opinions expressed herein are of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect those of the funding agencies. INTRODUCTION The pathway to teaching is a continuous cycle where aspiring teachers emerge from the K-12 system, go to college, and then return to the K-12 system to teach a new generation of students; the quality and diversity of the teaching force(More)
We leverage a temporary block of the Chinese microblogging platform Sina Weibo due to political events to estimate the causal e↵ect of user-generated microblogging content on product demand in the context of TV show viewership. Using a set of di↵erence-in-di↵erences regressions, we show viewership decreased more strongly in geographical areas with a higher(More)
Korean immigrants are motivated to accept new cultural perspectives and/or transform their own cultural values into those of their new country. During this acculturation process, they encounter cultural differences, make adaptations, and thus may experience positive changes in social relationships, coping resources, personal strength, and cultural(More)
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