Jun-Kee Cheng

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A zerovalent copper- and cobalt-catalyzed direct coupling of the sp(3) α-carbon of alcohols with alkenes and hydroperoxides was developed in which the hydroperoxides acted as radical initiator and then coupling partner. 1,3-Enynes and vinylarenes underwent alkylation-peroxidation to give β-peroxy alcohols and β-hydroxyketones correspondingly with excellent(More)
A reaction protocol in which FeCl3 and tert-butyl hydroperoxide facilitated a selective radical coupling reaction of aryl alkenes or 1,3-enynes with tert-butyl hydroperoxide and formamides to prepare an array of β-peroxy amides has been achieved. The β-peroxy amide could serve as a synthetic precursor which was facilely converted to β-hydroxy amide, β-keto(More)
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