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OBJECTIVE To present the case of a Jehovah's Witness with severe anemia and to review the religious philosophy of such patients, the ethical and medicolegal aspects of their care, and the therapeutic options available to clinicians. DATA SOURCES A MEDLINE literature search (1980 to 1992) identified most studies. Other studies were selected from the(More)
The absorption of ciprofloxacin was higher when administered through a nasoduodenal tube than through a nasogastric tube, indicating that even though acidic gastric pH is needed for rapid disintegration, dissolved ciprofloxacin might not be stable in the gastric environment. If the length of exposure or the different gastric environment in each individual(More)
The testing of gastric pH in the ICU has become the standard of care for most critically ill patients. It has been demonstrated that maintaining a gastric pH of greater than 3.5 confers protection from upper GI bleeding, while lesser pH values subject the patient to hemorrhagic risk. We compared nasogastric pH, as measured by pH electrode, to color-scaled(More)
We continuously receive the external information from multiple sensors simultaneously. The brain must judge a source event of these sensory informations and integrate them. It is thought that judging the simultaneity of such multisensory stimuli is an important cue when we discriminate whether the stimuli are derived from one event or not. Although previous(More)
We proposed approaches to make visualizations of the yellow sand. One is the mod-pictures, which show SPM distribution structures in the atmosphere. Another is the RGB brightness, which shows the characters of the SPM. If we can photograph the mass of the SPM from a far point, we can find the 3-dimensional characters of the SPM. We believe that those(More)
Multi-layer neural networks are used for the multi regression analysis of many kinds of phenomena whose expressions are unknown. The application fields are environmental problems and medicine designs. Where, we often find incomplete parts in descriptors, which make precision of the analysis be lower. Moreover, the incomplete parts make the linked parts of(More)
The air pollution is the serious situation in East Asia. It is detected remarkably by the observations of suspended particulate matters. Yellow sand was observed conventionally in the district. On recent years, the yellow sand interacts with industrial waste gas and becomes polluted dust and goes over the border. We observed the yellow sand by using digital(More)
Ventricular fibrillation has been observed in association with the administration of haloperidol. This study was designed to determine the effect of intravenous haloperidol on ventricular fibrillation threshold (VFT). VFT's were determined prior to and 15 min. following an intravenous infusion of haloperidol (50 mg administered over 10 min.) in five pigs(More)
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