Jun Jin

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Web service composition is to integrate component services for providing a value-added new service. With the growing number of component services and their dynamic nature, the centralized composition model can't manage them efficiently and accurately. In this paper, we proposed a distributed hash table (DHT)-based peer-to-peer (P2P) service composition(More)
A hierarchical mesoporous TiO2 nanowire bundles (HM-TiO2-NB) superstructure with amorphous surface and straight nanochannels has been designed and synthesized through a templating method at a low temperature under acidic and wet conditions. The obtained HM-TiO2-NB superstructure demonstrates high reversible capacity, excellent cycling performance, and(More)
Hierarchically structured porous TiO2-B spheres have been synthesized via a hydrothermal process using amorphous titania/oleylamine composites as a self-sacrificing template. The TiO2-B spheres are constructed by interconnected nanotubes and possess a high specific surface area of 295 m(2) g(-1). When evaluated as an anode material in lithium-half cells,(More)
Bicontinuous hierarchically porous Mn2O3 single crystals (BHP-Mn2O3-SCs) with uniform parallelepiped geometry and tunable sizes have been synthesized and used as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). The monodispersed BHP-Mn2O3-SCs exhibit high specific surface area and three dimensional interconnected bimodal mesoporosity throughout the entire(More)
Environmental pollution and climate change are critical global challenges of our time. Electric vehicles can tackle these problems by contributing to a sustainable mobility solution and a better environment, in particular in urban areas. Despite their benefits, the diffusion of electric vehicles is still low. This study reports on what information Green(More)