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We study the local convergence of a predictor-corrector algorithm for semideenite programming problems based on the Monteiro-Zhang uniied direction whose polynomial convergence was recently established by Monteiro. We prove that the suucient condition for superlinear convergence of Potra and Sheng applies to this algorithm and is independent of the scaling(More)
BACKGROUND Gold nanoparticles are widely used in consumer products, including cosmetics, food packaging, beverages, toothpaste, automobiles, and lubricants. With this increase in consumer products containing gold nanoparticles, the potential for worker exposure to gold nanoparticles will also increase. Only a few studies have produced data on the in vivo(More)
Spike length (SL), spikelet number (SPN) per spike, kernel number per spike (KNPS), and thousand-kernel weight (TKW) have strong genetic associations with kernel weight per spike (KWPS) in wheat. To investigate their genetic relationships at the individual quantitative trait locus (QTL) level, both unconditional and conditional QTL mapping for KWPS with(More)
Iron deficiency anemia is an extra-stomach disease experienced in H. pylori carriers. Individuals with type A blood are more prone to suffering from H. pylori infection than other individuals. To clarify the molecular mechanisms underlying H. pylori-associated anemia, we collected erythrocytes from A, B, O, and AB blood donors and analyzed morphology, the(More)
BACKGROUND There is controversy in the literature regarding the relationship between event-related-potential (ERP) abnormalities in abstinent alcoholics and stimulus-processing modality (i.e., visual versus auditory). The first purpose of this study was to address questions about whether ERP abnormalities observed in alcoholics are modality specific. The(More)
We consider an infeasible-interior-point algorithm, endowed with a nite termination scheme, applied to random linear programs generated according to a model of Todd. Such problems have degenerate optimal solutions, and possess no feasible starting point. We use no information regarding an optimal solution in the initialization of the algorithm. Our main(More)
OBJECTIVES The antimicrobial activity of silver nanoparticles has resulted in their widespread use in many consumer products. Yet, despite their many advantages, it is also important to determine whether silver nanoparticles may represent a hazard to the environment and human health. METHODS Thus, to evaluate the genotoxic potential of silver(More)
Existing Parkinson's Disease (PD) diagnosis relies heavily on doctors' observations combined with neurological exams. Such a technique is often inconvenient, infrequent, and subjective , which leads to a high misdiagnosis rate. As several cardinal symptoms of PD require long term observations, a technology platform which allows potential PD patients to(More)
A major hallmark of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is extensive local tumor invasion and early systemic dissemination. DJ-1 has been shown to prevent cell death via the Akt pathway, thereby playing an important role in cancer progression and Parkinson's disease development. Here, we investigated the role of DJ-1 in tumor invasion and metastasis of(More)